Selling on consignment at

Art Piece Soul Gallery



You will be a member of a Cooperative art space whose purpose is to strengthen and diversify the arts movement in Saint Paul Minnesota through

Art Piece Soul Gallery (& Studio LLC)

Artist Collective Meetings and Community Building opportunities:

The gallery is a space for all artists and all enthusiasts. Regular meetings, Creative Sessions, and social gatherings are a great way to inspire, be inspired, and network

Art Work Space: The gallery, although small doubles as a cozy work

space for its featured artists to create in. 

Affordable consignment fees:

Artists pay a reasonable consignee fee of $25 a month for 5 pieces, $50 a month for 10 pieces or $75 per month for unlimited work. There is a 36 x 38 inch size limit. Clothing, books, shoes and other merchandise items must be handmade solely by the artist.


Fees are applied to monthly costs of marketing, advertising, and maintenance.* 

The fee is non-negotiable and cannot be refunded or bartered for other services.


Higher take home for artists even after commission:

Artists profit up to 70% of their sales. 

Artist coaching

Get tips on how to price, how to refine your work, how to make your work sell ready, how to create on a budget, how to speak about your art, and so much more!

Art showcases

Artists will have opportunities to showcase work at no extra charge

during bi-monthly art shows and events.



The gallery markets not just the work but the artists, opening opportunities for collaboration and more work.

Artist Registration is always open. Click here to access the form.

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