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Meet Felicia, Emilie, Alex, Kayla and Levi!

Felicia is a “Pop Artist” , Framer and Art Restorer whose paintings, digital illustrations and/or photographs are most recognizable for precision and use of gold, silver, and bronze, which  for her, evoke feelings and ideas about status and culture. 


Her style includes an eclectic mashup of earthy elements, patterns and shapes that she gets from her love of  culture and anthropology. “I paint using African, South American, Caribbean, Native American, Asian, European, Aztec and Mestizo cultural influences. "As I  travel, I learn and apply new art elements and techniques to my digital designs and paintings"

Felicia is the owner and Art Director of Art Piece Soul Gallery & Studio LLC. She holds an Advertising degree from the Art Institutes International Minnesota (2012) and has an extensive and successful professional background in Digital Media Design and Marketing.


Felicia also has a passion for education & youth development. She has served children and youth in various non-profit and education settings for over 10 years. In May 2020 Felicia joined Evolve Family Services as the Associate Education Programs Manager providing education and training to Foster, Adoptive and Kinship parents and families. 

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Emilie, (born 1990, Maple Plain, Minnesota) is a self- taught artist who works in a variety of media, including watercolor,printmaking, and acrylic. 

Emilie's passion for creating art started as a child, and recently started to focus on her craft.Influenced by folklore, myth and nature, she has developed a unique style that incorporates movement and detail.  Goddesses, mythical creatures, vast landscapes, and symbols are brought to life with contrasting and harmonious color and bold compositions. With a unique handling of graduated tones, gestures, and a variety of translucent and transparent applications of paint she fashions a colorful world of celestial beings and engaging narratives. 


Emilie currently lives and works in St Paul, Minnesota. Connect with her on Instagram! 

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My name is Alexander and my inspiration for my art comes from personal healing that is deeply rooted in my Native American, African American, Scandinavian and Transgender identity. My other influences come from my human experience as a millennial, American kid growing up in the 1990s, college educated, recovering drug addict.

I grew up experiencing broken family hardships in a world of black and white. I became a bridge, a creation and being to challenge and cultivate spiritual and global wisdom. In my life through sharing my experience, strength and hope, I am a healer who is still healing. I'm alive!

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Kayla Thomas... Coming Soon.

Levi Perttu... Coming Soon.

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