Art Is For Everyone: About The Gallery

Art Piece Soul is the dream of Felicia Sherrod. Her vision, an art gallery with a mission to shine a light on diversity, has finally become a reality. This all comes on the heels of much hard work and dedication.

The month of July 2019 saw the opening of the gallery and it’s premier event: An Evening with Artists, which brought together 20 artists and over 80 art enthusiasts and supporters.

Art enthusiasts in the Twin Cities area might be intrigued about this new gallery and what distinguishes it from other local spaces. Located in the new building on the corner of Selby Avenue and Victoria Street in Saint Paul, Art Piece Soul (APS) is a collection of fine-art that is one thing above all else, inclusive.

This gallery contains a comprehensive arrangement of one-of-a-kind pieces, purposefully juxtaposed in their variance. One need only glimpse the walls of the gallery to be captivated by the mixture of aesthetics and mediums. The pieces are truly as diverse as the artists who created them.

One driving force behind Felicia’s vision for APS is her desire to support local artists. She accomplished this by giving them a space to showcase their work and to further their growth and development as artists. In her eagerness to encourage the local art community she emphasizes that “Art is for everyone. No one is excluded here”. To Felicia, those artists that demonstrated skill in their medium of choice should be given a shot, no matter their age, gender, cultural background, or socio-economic status.

In a society where art in the mainstream continues to be exclusive and at times places emphasis on particular groups to the detriment of others, APS aims to turn that notion on its head. Rather than allowing differences to separate, APS is a physical and visual representation of how differences can be celebrated and united through art. The concept that art allows us to re-focus and connect on our shared humanity is not new. But the Minnesota gallery that contains this wide array of art is.

The gallery, the space itself is a celebration of inclusion. It’s non-traditional layout is intentional in the way that it showcases various artistic styles that offer something for everyone. All the artists represented in the gallery are different, but it is the drive to create and share that art which unites them, and sets this gallery apart.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors will notice the wide selection of styles and subjects. From diverging abstract expressions that play with color and form to socially conscious photography; from paintings of Prince, to juxtapositions of grotesque with cute; from intricate bead work to mixed media, to vibrant quilts. Allow Art Piece Soul to demonstrate that all are stronger together, all have a story to tell, and all are valuable.

The mission of the gallery is simple, to inspire. In that way it really is a gallery by everyday people for everyday people. Here inspiration is inclusive. Experience this unique gallery with a very special connection to its community, both to the St. Paul area and the greater Twin Cities.

Thank you to everyone who attended our first art show!

The next show will take place on September 21st from 6-9PM and will feature a collective of fall art, jewelry and crafts!

Author: Alison Jean Barnes

Alison is an artist, art therapist, and a full-time mom. She enjoys working with alcohol-based ink to create abstract fine-art. She also enjoys writing, being in nature, and yoga. Her work is currently displayed and can be purchased at Art Piece Soul Gallery.

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