Madness in March forces Artists to go back to the drawing board.


As announced on March 30th, stricter social distancing rules will be enforced until April 30th. As we prepare to see the peak of new cases and deaths of those who are currently battling for their lives against the coronavirus. Let's continue to keep families and victims in our thoughts and prayers.

Update: MN State's Governor has announced that the stay at home ordinance is in effect until May 4, 2020.


Artists and Artreprenuers alike are in the same boat as millions of Americans who have lost their jobs or have had all of their opportunities to showcase or exhibit work cancelled. Times still remain uncertain and lives will undoubtedly be changed forever but we must come together (virtually of course) for comfort and healing. What makes artists unique is the ability to create expressions with a paint brush, pencil, body movement, text, etc. What makes entrepreneurs special is the well planned (or slightly planned) willingness to throw everything into the fire to pursue a dream or manifest an idea. Entrepreneurs and professional artists also understand that partnership is key, so, cheers to staying home (unless it is absolutely necessary), healing, creativity, partnership, and togetherness.

"Let's kick corona's ass!" NY Gov. Cuomo

Felicia Sherrod

Owner and Art Director

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